Children’s Classes

Please note: Wah Lum Kung Fu of Switzerland is not holding children’s classes at this time

Children’s physical abilities develop along specific timelines, and children’s training should respect and work within those natural borders.

In the initial stage (age approximately 5–7 years) the child is best served by a general exposure to many ways of moving. This builds a broad “data bank” of fundamental movement abilities that can be built on, and refined, at later ages into sport specific abilities. Early movement skills that must be mastered at this stage include running, jumping, hopping, skipping, kicking, punching, climbing, catching, throwing, and whole-body pushing and pulling.

In the second stage of development (age approximately 8–10 years) the child can begin to develop more coordinated motor skills, greater speed and strength, and the beginnings of sport specific skills.

In the final stage of training children (age approximately 11–18 years) training loads can be increased significantly as the child gains through puberty an adult’s body. Training should be sensitive to the individual and gender-based variations in development through these years, as girls start and complete their development earlier than boys. Balance, strength training, coordination exercises and sport specific skills can be emphasized as the child becomes accustomed to their adult form.

Our Wah Lum Kung Fu children’s classes follow the guidelines above to challenge and develop each child with an exciting, and fun-filled introduction to a traditional martial art.

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